Build your next app on a strong foundation

If you are planning on developing an app, take a look at this beautiful-crafted platform



Microservices support, to break down large applications into smaller, independently deployable services.


Cloud Ready

Deploy on premisses or cloud providers such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.



Optimized to support high volume of users and large amounts of data processing with fast response times.


State of the art Admin UI

Browser based admin interface provides a quick and easy way to configure and administer your vasat project without needing to code any UI.

  • Dynamically generated forms for altering your data models
  • Simple list and search capability for all data
  • Large file upload via browser capability
  • Interactive swagger/OpenAPI documentation
  • Configuration and test screens for push notations
  • Configurable task scheduler

What's in the box?

Some of the reasons why you would want to use Vasat


Data Agnostic

Provides abstractions to represent your data agnostic of underlying implementation.


Powerful ACLs

Built-in common ACLs, and support for abstract representations of Access control rules.



Additional security capabilites on top OAuth2 such as IP restriction, RSA signed packets and Security event logs.


Web and Mobile SDKs

Client side SDKs to access all features using your platform of choice. Android, iOS, Flutter, Angular, Vue and Javascript


The Features

All the building blocks you need to build and scale your next project.

File Storage

Manage your files with built-in support for Amazon S3, Azure Blob or local file storage

Single Signon

Authentication with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Cognito and Azure Active Directory

Push Notifications

Built-in modules to supporting Google Firebase as well as Apple Push Notification Service


Out of the box support for email messaging via external SMTP as well as Mailchimp/Mandrill services

Scheduled Tasks

State of the art schedule task module to run your custom batch jobs with cronjob-like system configuration

GIS Support

Module for managing GIS data with Postgres DB using the PostGIS extension

OAuth Grant Flows

Support for Password, Client Credentials, Implicit, Authorization Code and Refresh Tokens flows

Offline Support

Take advantage of full support for offline storage and syncronisation with the mobile SDKs

Data Source

Built-in support for relational (MySql, Postgres, SQLServer, Oracle) as well as NoSQL databases

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